Unique Floral Designs & Gifts to Create the Perfect Family Space

The drive: What challenges have you overcome?

Initially, Unreal Florist set up as a rent and return service, creating displays for corporate clients and swapping them for new arrangements on a monthly basis. Although this worked well, it wasn’t the niche market that we’ve now come to realise is so wildly popular – many people were asking us for flowers in their homes. Realising that people wanted great-quality, long-lasting floral pieces to place in their homes meant shifting our focus.

From large rental displays to rent and return bridal bouquets, seasonal craft markets where we sold bespoke Christmas wreaths as well as event flower rental, there has been a lot of testing the water to get to where we are now. We decided to take a leap of faith sourcing contemporary display elements for customers wanting to enhance spaces in their homes. With this, came the need for a radical change – to tailor one service, available to everyone, to purchase online, nationwide.

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

I’m lucky to be in a feel-good business. People love to receive flowers, which is incredibly rewarding, and to step into the design studio every day brings such enjoyment. Flexibility is key: to be able to put tools down for family time and to embrace new ideas during slower times has been so important, because starting a small business can be equally challenging – during the initial start-up phase sometimes working around the clock and wearing several different hats to take charge of all aspects of general management.

For me personally, the biggest hurdle has been creating a range of different products and services along the way to find our niche market – this took time and trial, consistently hatching new ideas in order to connect with our current market.

Hopes and dreams: What next?

The dream for Unreal is to grow our creative team, embrace new and trending interior ideas, and bring beautiful décor into homes nationwide – it’s an exciting time! 

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