Wattie’s Infant Food Delivery Subscription & Gifting Service

Wattie's to Home

Whether you are a parent wanting to expand your baby’s favourite flavours or you are looking for a practical and useful baby gift for friends, Wattie’s has launched a subscription and gifting service for its popular baby food pouches, delivering straight to your door.  

A Wattie’s to Home’s Infant Subscription Bundle allows families to have a customisable selection of pouches home delivered.  

Parents can choose from a variety of 23 different food pouches ranging from 4-6+ months through to 8+ months and have them delivered to their door on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. They can be purchased with a minimum spend of $30 which includes free delivery!  

Neil Heffer, Managing Director at Wattie’s, says, “Grocery shopping with young children can be challenging at the best of times, hence the increasing popularity of online shopping. Our Wattie’s to Home subscription service takes the pressure off making quick decisions in the supermarket aisle and allows parents to browse and purchase baby pouches with the flexibility of updating their choices as their baby’s preferences change.” 

In addition to this, Wattie’s has also launched 6+months and 8+months baby food Gifting Bundles that are perfect to share with friends or relatives as a practical gift or great for new parents.  

Wattie’s® to Home baby food gifting bundles are a great gift for those with little ones exploring flavours or as a milestone gift. The bundles also include Wattie’s branded baby merchandise such as silicone spoons, bibs, sippy cups, and snack containers.  

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