Ways to Bring the Wild into Your Family

  • Add plants to their bath! This can get messy, so from someone who has spent a bit of time cleaning the bathroom, put the plants in an old clean sock first. Grab a handful of plants such as chamomile flowers, lavender flowers or rose petals with a tablespoon or two of oats and tie the sock tightly so the contents don’t escape. Throw it in the bath with the small people to help calm them down and hopefully sleep. Oats are great for irritated and itchy skin also. 
  • Infuse honey. If you have a slow cooker, you can infuse some honey with medicinal plants such as thyme and sage. We harvest wild thyme from Central Otago and use it in our Chest Tonic. Infused honey is a traditional remedy for sore or irritated throats and coughs. Leave the slow cooker overnight with a decent cup or so of fresh thyme flowers. Strain, label and use when needed. Central Otago is just starting to turn a purple hue across the hillsides with the wild thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Find out more about Central Otago wild thyme here if you’re interested.  
  • If you find yourself with limited time for any of these suggestions you can always check out our range too: Wild Dispensary Products

Skye (Medical Herbalist and Naturopath) and the WD Team 

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