What if we Nurtured New Mums like we Nurture New Babies?

In her blog post My recovery was harder than my labour – but it didn’t have to be, Kristy Manners from Growth Spectrum writes about the things she wishes she had known about the ‘fourth trimester’ prior to becoming a mum. She explains how childbirth recovery was a “crash course in all sorts of problems” she’d never heard of (like tearing, prolapse, incontinence, infections and nutrition depletion). She talks about postnatal nutrition, the realities (and struggles) of breastfeeding and the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor prior to childbirth.

As a mum herself, Kristy knows exactly how overwhelming the postnatal period can be, so she wanted to create a resource to help other mums prepare themselves for the ‘fourth trimester’. She developed the Postnatal Roadmap membership, a personalised and interactive week-by-week guide that educates new mums about pelvic floor health, breastfeeding, nutrition, sleep, mental health, and more. And what you will find is a life-saver too, is that you also get 7-day menu plans and shopping lists every week for 6 months that are designed to nurture you with specific nutrients throughout the postpartum period!

By teaching women about this period of recovery, Kristy hopes they will be better prepared to take care of themselves and their babies, with the help and support of their family, friends and health professionals.  

Her Postnatal Roadmap membership is designed for mothers who are in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy and about to enter this often neglected but incredibly important postnatal period, when a baby is adjusting to life in the outside world and a mother is adjusting to having a precious newborn under her care.

It is designed to decrease the fears and frustrations of looking after a newborn and teach women how to connect physically and emotionally with their baby, and feel empowered, prepared and confident to make this postnatal period a beautiful time of bonding and nurturing for both mum and baby.  

Sign up to the Postnatal Roadmap membership here and don’t wait for life after birth – be prepared during pregnancy so that you can walk into motherhood like a BOSS! 

To learn more or to get in touch, visit the Growth Spectrum website, and join the supportive Growth Spectrum Facebook and Instagram communities. 

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