Life Behind the Lens: We Talk to Kindred Photographer Brandi Johnson

Photography: Brandi Johnson

If you are a regular reader of The Natural Parent Magazine website, you will have seen Kindred Photographer, aka Brandi Johnson’s work already. Her photographs capture the innate beauty of women – whether they are in the middle of pregnancy, during birth, breastfeeding or being a mum. Her photographs are full of personality and vibrant colours, capturing the essence of the Natural Parent within each of these women – with a touch of magic. We spoke to Brandi about her role as photographer and how she got her business underway.
Be sure to scroll right through to see her gorgeous photographs, which we share with her permission. 

What inspired you to set up your business? Why birth/maternity photography?
Since the birth of my first daughter, ten years ago, I have been drawing inspiration into my lens and creating art. It wasn’t until the pregnancy of my second daughter that I began to document births. My midwife asked if I was interested in bartering a portion of the cost of my home birth for photographing a birth at the center to use for promotional purposes. Because our insurance didn’t cover home birth we were paying out of pocket. The mama went into labor that evening. It was a long labor and I was inexperienced and anxious to document a birth so I was present for the entire event, lasting two days. I wouldn’t change anything though. The mom and I are great friends to this day. I learned so much from the experience and was incredibly hooked. I’ve met so many amazing women and families through this business who I hold dear to me. These people are forever in my heart and mind. I feel blessed that they invite me to such a sacred moment in their life journey.

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