7 Important Considerations in Choosing Baby Sunscreen

4. Fragrance

We all love things that smell good, but unfortunately, many fragrances can be extremely irritating and cause skin problems or allergic reactions. This is so common that the EWG lists the ingredient ‘fragrance’ as a ‘high concern for allergies and immunotoxicity’.

It’s usually best, therefore, to avoid fragrance in any baby products you purchase. Natural fragrances are normally fine, however most products don’t tell you if the fragrance is natural or synthetic.

5. Easily Spreadable

Here’s one for all the parents of babies that like to move around. Dermatologists often say that the best sunscreen is the one that you will actually use. Choosing a light sunscreen that is easy to apply usually helps greatly in this regard.

Many natural sunscreens are very heavy, leave a white cast and be difficult to apply. You won’t regret choosing one that is light and easy to apply.

6. Sustainability

If you choose an all-natural sunscreen, sustainability won’t be much of an issue. However, it’s always a good idea to check some basic things. Is the sunscreen reef safe? Biodegradable? Does it come in recyclable packaging?

Go the extra mile when you choose your next products and let’s work together to leave a better planet for our children to enjoy one day.

7. Non-Comedogenic

Ever heard the term non-comedogenic? Non-Comedogenic means that the ingredients used in the product in question won’t block pores in the skin.  Basically, for anyone with sensitive skin, skin prone to rashes or acne, non-comedogenic products can be beneficial.

Non-comedogenic sunscreens can help prevent baby acne and other skin problems, not just for baby but also for anyone with skin problems.

Where do I start?

Well that concludes our considerations for baby sunscreen – confused yet? Don’t know where to start? You can start by searching the EWG database for something safe for you and your family. Or you can just use Soléo Organics. Soléo fits everything mentioned above and their whole range is formulated as safe baby sunscreen.

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