8 healthy food swaps for kids

Trying to get your kids to eat healthier? It can be as simple as a few little swaps! Check out our 8 suggestions for easy ways to reduce the amount of sugar your kids eat. We’ve got everything from breakfast right through to dessert covered.

Fruit juices > the whole fruit
They might seem like a healthier choice, but even 100% fruit juices contain all the sugar of fruit without any of its other benefits. Swap that glass of orange juice for an actual orange and your little ones will get the fibre they need, with less sugar.

Flavoured milk > plain milk
Again, flavoured milk drinks add heaps of sugar to kids’ diets. Swap for plain milk, or for a yummy treat with no added sugar, we love Fangks chocolate and strawberry drinking mixes.

Sugary cereal > plain cereal
It might surprise you to hear your kids’ favourite cereals are more than 30 per cent sugar! To prevent them from starting their day off with a big bowl of sugar, switch to low-sugar alternatives, or make your own granola or overnight oats.

Sweetened drinks > water
Swap soft drinks and sports drinks for water. Kids definitely don’t need these every day and they’re a massive source of added sugar.

Pre-made > homemade muesli bars
Another ‘healthy’ product that is often packed full of sugar! The good news is that muesli bars are super easy to make at home, and that way you know exactly what goes in them. You can even let the kids choose their favourite ingredients and make them with you.

Ice cream > nice cream
For a treat without the sweet, swap ice cream for banana ‘nice cream’ – essentially, frozen banana that’s been blended until smooth. It makes the most perfect consistency – just like ice cream, only heaps healthier! There are heaps of amazing recipes online.

Icy poles > fresh fruit icy poles
And while we’re on the subject of ice cream, swap those sugary icy poles in the freezer for homemade fruit icy poles. Just puree whatever fruits you choose, pour into molds and freeze. If the mixture is too thick, add a little yoghurt or juice. It’s a great way to use up that fruit that’s been sitting in the fridge, too!

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