Aloe Vera For Health: The Multi-Faceted Business Forever Living

Imagine slicing open an aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant. Imagine using natural products that are aloe council-certified, halal-friendly, not tested on animals, and a skin care range that doesn’t use micro beads! Forevernz is a multi-faceted business – they coach and mentor people either into their own businesses and/or who are running an existing business. They offer a total health management system that supports community projects worldwide and is backed by a company with over 30 years in the aloe business. Carlene Campbell told us a little more about how they got started with Forevernz. 

Our Story

This story starts when a boy meets a girl…Well Vice President ANZ meets HR Lead for NZ. It was the classic adage “when you’re not looking”. Busy single mum, sole HR lead for the NZ arm of a global company, I was getting on with my life…well that is until the VP kissed me (there is still a disagreement between us on who kissed who!). We became pen pals as Rory was living in Sydney, and saw each other maybe every couple of months.

I had turned down a HR director role, as I felt this was just too much (daughter Soph was 5 at the time), and to be honest I didn’t want the BS that went with the title. My goal was to work for myself as I had done when Soph was first born. Self-employment is hard work, but the flexibility is so rewarding. We have lived in separate countries and now together in NZ, married two years December just gone, we are best friends, supporting each other, family and friends; AND I now run my own bespoke HR business, helping businesses reach their potential, their talents thrive and getting women back into the workforce.

Our shared goal has always been to become time-rich, earn enough money to live a comfortable life and have the TIME to enjoy each other, our families and travel (another shared passion). Rory, semi-retired, was never going to return to corporate life; nor I to full-time work. We have a million ideas to create passive income which will allow us to become time-rich, some we have developed (but not actually done anything with them!) others are just sitting there.

One, however, we have run with. Rory quietly spent months doing his detailed due diligence, before he came to me with “Hon think I’ve found something exciting”. I saw that sparkle in Rory’s eyes again, so I agreed to take a look.  Whereby I very quickly said “Hell no! There is no way I’m going to be part of a network marketing group”.

Lesson learned: “never say never”.  I got over myself, did my own research, and most importantly started using the products.

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