Art to Charm: Turning Your Child’s Art into an Everlasting Piece of Jewellery

I surrounded myself with like-minded people. Mums who were juggling too! Loads of washing, school drop offs, dinners and the odd date night. All while building their empires, following their passions.

I had got back to my roots, my creative juices were flowing and I was making jewellery again. I was the artist and jeweller I had always dreamed I would be. It was always inside of me but it hadn’t been pushed yet to come out.

With all that said, it was super important to find the balance. Balance you say, what’s that?

Good question and is there a right answer?

Do what feels right for you. The balance for me was found in understanding my values, my beliefs and transferring those into my life and business model. I was beginning to grow both inside and out.

I took the time to assess, and re-assess. Am I doing enough? Or am I doing too much? Where does my attention need to be?

And then I remembered my why. My family, my goals: it was all clear. I was doing exactly what was right for me by doing. Setting clear intentions and with that things started to come.

Knowing that it doesn’t have to be perfect but by taking small actionable steps I can create the I dream I want for us all.

With all that said, it was a fine line in making it grow and stepping back when I needed. Working from home is all still very new to me and I definitely get caught up in trying to do everything all the time.

I’ve grown so much by just being more mindful. Creating the time and space and allowing things to flow, writing lists and planning helps most. Just being grateful for all we have each and every day.

I also remembered to make the time to spend with my children. Every minute I can have those moments when I focus on them, they truly thrive, they grow and that is exactly why I am doing this. So we can have that time together.

I hope and dream that ART to CHARM can touch more people’s lives. By taking that feeling in our heart and transferring that love. Something to truly cherish that will last lifetimes, all made from something so personal, YOU.

So take the time and find you, hold it close so you and the feeling can grow. Then you can share it with your world.

Claire Girdlestone is the Artist & Jeweller behind ART to CHARM. If she’s not busy spending time with her family you might find her doing her other passion, rock climbing in the Perth foothills. Find her and her amazing talents on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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