Artist Celebrates Motherhood by Drawing Pictures of Herself with Her Daughter

Images: Sora Ceballos

By Hannah Schenker

Artist and mother Sora Ceballos celebrates motherhood by drawing herself with her daughter in a series of beautiful, colourful drawings using watercolours and pens. The unique bond between mother and daughter is captured in the whimsical scenes.

“Motherhood is by far the coolest thing I have done and do every day,” Sora Ceballos-Lopez told Instagram blog, of raising her 10-year-old daughter, Gaby. “It is a complete surrender of love and an inexplicable combination of happiness, joy and fear.”

Ceballos began these drawings when she was pregnant, and has gone on to continue doodling as her daughter grows. Since the beginning of January 2016, she started creating one a day as a kind of New Year challenge, which is such a great idea! We think these are absolutely gorgeous, and what a lovely thing for her daughter as well.

Scroll on to see a lovely selection of her drawings, or visit her Instagram page to see all of them!

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