Beautiful, Functional Breastfeeding Clothing Inspired by a Breastfeeding Mum

I’ve breastfed in total for just over three years which is a LOT. In that time, I struggled to find any breastfeeding-friendly clothes that I actually wanted to wear. Most weren’t versatile for daily baby wrangling (lots of fancy frills), they screamed “Hello, I’m a breastfeeding top”, or they were just straight fugly! Knowing very little about business, design or manufacturing, I went all in and With Milk was born. I wanted to create breastfeeding-friendly clothes that were not only functional but were also cool with classic styles, flattering cuts and gorgeous custom colours. They had to be kind too, so GOTS certified organic cotton was a no brainer.  

Now three kids deep and a new business, I feel like I kinda (ish) know what I’m doing, BUT I’ll never forget those first few weeks as a new mum – they were by far the hardest! 

Visit the With Milk website to browse their gorgeous range of clothing. You can also join their communities on Facebook and Instagram 

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