Best friends create greatest Halloween costume of 2016

Photo: Buzzfeed

By Hannah Schenker

Halloween has been and gone and there have been tonnes of incredible costumes shared all over the internet. But these two girls really take the cake.

The 13-year-old girls, one Muslim and one Jewish, wanted to dress up as some kind of superhero team. Which they did, and which they called “The Juslims”.

Casey Pearlman and Yasmin Idris are best friends and classmates in California, and are aiming to prove that real connection knows no religious barriers.

Casey’s father tweeted the photo which has since gone viral, as people everywhere relate to the simple message these girls are sharing.

This super team are proving that our children know what’s up, and in the current political world climate plenty of adults could take a leaf out of their book, don’t you think?

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