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As parents, we understand the importance of a balanced diet for our family’s health and wellbeing. For ourselves and our children, it can be tricky to ensure we are eating enough of the right things, and many of us turn to vitamins as alternative nutritional supplements. But wouldn’t you like to optimise your nutrients without having to take lots of expensive vitamins?

While vitamins to supplement health are an important support system for general health and as a recovery programme for overcoming sickness or boosting immunity, so too is your daily diet a vital part of being healthy and happy. A good, nutritious diet provides your family with the energy to be active and helps prevent sickness. 

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To grow healthy bodies, hearts and minds, there are many natural sources of required daily nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. Here are just a few of the good guys that our bodies require daily to thrive on:

  • Vitamin C –  an antioxidant that helps to neutralise harmful free radicals, boost immunity to help prevent sickness and infection (e.g. common colds), promote collagen formation (the glue that holds us together) and keep us in a healing, healthy cell renewing cycle.
  • Zinc – a trace mineral needed for many vital chemical actions in our bodies that promote energy, immunity and healthy cell growth, which makes it important in childhood, adolescence and pregnancy. Zinc is involved with our senses of taste and smell; when we don’t have a sense of smell or our appetite or sense of hunger is low, it can be a sign of low zinc levels.
  • Calcium – vital for healthy bones and teeth, nerve function and the transmission of nervous system messages. Calcium helps with magnesium to regulate muscle function – contraction and relaxation. It is very important in the process of blood clotting and enzyme function.
  • Magnesium – helps our bodies to reduce muscle tension and cramps, lessen headache and migraine pain and improve recovery from exercise and fatigue. It is important in heart health and detoxifying acidity and other toxins from the body.
  • B Vitamins –  so many functions supported among the B vitamin family. They are best taken together to help with energy levels, healthy brain function, good eyesight, digestion and appetite, nerve function and cell health.
  • Iron – an essential mineral needed for healthy blood and oxygen levels in our blood. We require iron for proper growth and development, with every cell in our body needing iron to function properly. When we are deficient, we are tired, light headed/faint and fuzzy in our thoughts. Iron improves muscle and brain function and leads to a deeper more restful sleep and higher energy levels.
  • Vitamin A – promotes healthy growth, development and reproduction, bone growth and a healthy immune system. Protects and improves our eyes, skin and most tissues in our body. 
  • Vitamin E – supports brain health, blood flow and helps to keep our cells and our tissues “flexible”. Boosts our immunity and protects from harmful free radicals, viruses and bacteria.
  • SOD (superoxide dismutase) – an enzyme that helps to balance oxidation/free radical activity in cells, slowing premature cellular ageing/death­­ – keeping you younger from the inside out.
  • Chlorophyll – to boost the immune system and help detoxify and support healthy, oxygenated blood, which helps increase energy levels and build healthier bodies.

When you include natural whole foods in your family’s diet, such as those found in Mayella nutritional blends, you are gifting your bodies a concentrated source of these nutrients as they occur in nature: not synthetic or isolated extracts, but whole foods with complete and balanced profiles of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. They are easily digested and absorbed and are exactly what your body needs to function as it should.

A great example of a natural nutrient source is organic barley grass. Barley grass naturally has high levels of vitamins A, C, E, iron, calcium, 20 amino acids (including the 8 essential aminos our bodies can’t produce), fatty acid oxidase and SOD enzymes and much more. Found in Mayella Nourish Formulated BlendAlkalise Green & Go Blend and Green Harmony Blend, barley grass supports energy, boosts immunity and builds healthy, resilient cells and bodies. It is also high in gut-friendly fibre and tissue-building protein. Barley grass is one of a family of plant-based whole foods that Mayella brings together to create blends with a purpose.

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