Dear Postpartum Body

Photography: Instagram @th3littlestavenger

How do you feel about your postpartum body? How do you talk to yourself, inside your head? Are you hateful and full of self-loathing? Can you see your own magnificence, your strength and grit, your beauty? A changing body can be confronting, but a little self-love and acceptance will really take you places. There has been the most beautiful movement on Instagram – the #postpartumletterseries. Mamas are sharing photos of their glorious postpartum selves, and penning a letter to themselves. It’s tender and touching and powerful. We are excited to share one of these letters with you, by the gorgeous Hayley Garnett (@th3littlestavenger), mama to a toddler and twins. 

Dear Postpartum Body,

I know you are exhausted.

You’re exhausted by the thoughts that swirl in your mind, somewhere in between loving and hating yourself.

You’re exhausted by the pressures of being a mother to three children. You yearn for the day that your girls don’t both want to be held at the exact same time, while simultaneously dreading the day that they won’t need you anymore. You birthed two babies only 11 months ago, yet you feel as if you shouldn’t be so limited.

I’m sorry I’ve been so unfair to you. You’ve taken a beating from the inside out. You’ve sustained three lives within you. You’ve been cut open, organs pushed and pulled about–forced to trust the process.

Why is it that the first thoughts that come to mind are those of criticism?

Why am I moaning on about your so-called limitations rather than celebrating the fact that you flipping nailed it?

Living your life wishing that you could change something that’s permanent– that’s setting yourself up to live in misery.

Why seal a miserable fate when you can practice changing your perspective? Your kids need this from you. Your husband needs this from you.

YOU need this from you.

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