Ditch the Dirty Bristles: A Game-Changing Toilet Cleaner (Yes, You Heard Me Right)


By Hannah Schenker

It is an inevitable part of life, but does anyone actually like cleaning the toilet? As parents we get to contend with all sorts of toilet mishaps fairly regularly, so we are probably the biggest toilet cleaning demographic out there. We will all have our own personal pet peeves when it comes to cleaning the loo – messy number twos, splashes everywhere from young ones still learning how to aim, or the ever-helpful single square of paper left on the roll! Mine would have to be accidentally splashing toilet water on my arm with a rogue flick of the toilet brush, ugh! Which is why I was interested to try out the new Sabco SaniWand – a game-changer when it comes to getting down and dirty in your toilet bowl.

What is the Sabco SaniWand?

The SaniWand is an innovative toilet cleaner that has gone in a completely different direction to the classic bristly brush. The SaniWand instead has a unique rubber paddle at the end of the antibacterial handle (99% bacteria free!), ergonomically designed to slide up under the rim where the brush just doesn’t go. And believe me, you’ll be surprised what comes out of there the first time you use it.

The paddle itself repels water and has these useful little ridges underneath that make it dripless – which means less mess over the toilet and the floor that require wiping up, and no chance of a gross flick of toilet water on your arm. Yay!

It cleans without scratching which also means no more stains and is designed to clean the first time with the first swipe – making the job that much quicker and easier. It does feel a bit strange at first, especially because I’m used to scrubbing back and forth and back and forth with a brush. The SaniWand just glides over the surface and thanks to its shape and the flexibility of the paddle, you can swipe it over the whole surface, on the curved corners and deep into the bowl.

The best part? No more bacteria-breeding bristles to worry about! Just pop it back on its stand, nice and unobtrusive in your bathroom.

If you’re feeling a bit ick about that grotty old brush in your toilet, then get your lovely hands on a Sabco SaniWand and make the most of this one of a kind innovation. Pick one up from your local Bunnings Warehouse and make the regular chore of cleaning the toilet a whole lot easier, more pleasant and way more hygienic.  

Hannah Schenker is a freelance writer, editor and regular contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine. She lives with a touch of magic in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

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