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Children weren’t designed to sit still and pose, so I never expect them to. I am totally prepared to run around after them, encourage parents to play with them, spin them around, make them giggle that contagious belly laugh that gets you every time. These are the moments you want to relive when your children are all grown up and are too big to spin around, let alone pick up! 

It is so important to find a photographer whose work and style speaks to you, resonates with your own style and stirs your soul when you look at their work. When finding a photographer for you, it’s important to do your research, ask friends who their photographer was, look at reviews, and contact the photographer on the phone for a chat. Write out a list of questions that you feel are important to ask them. I always love hearing from potential clients and discussing what they have in mind for their session and answering their questions.

Pricing is an important factor, but should not be the only element in your photographer selection process. Finding a cheap photographer means they may be inexperienced in the safe handling of babies, or they are shooting so many sessions that you just become another forgettable face on a production line.

I make every effort to truly connect with my clients, even before we meet. I have a client questionnaire which gives me important insight into them, their family and personalities. I want to get to know my client so well that I can deliver rich and emotionally hard-hitting images every time! My aim as your photographer is to invite you to connect with each other on such a level that you forget I’m even there. I want you to have so much fun with your family that it doesn’t feel the way you thought a photography session would. By focusing on your bond and connection amongst beautiful surroundings, I can ensure that you never feel staged or awkward. 

I am fully insured, immunised, have a Working With Children check, and I am an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP. 

To find out more about Elysium Photography and to see more of Laura’s beautiful images, check out her website

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