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The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

My biggest challenge I think was believing in myself. I had done a lot of personal development leading up to now, and like I said, I was helping others with self-confidence also, so it was putting my money where my mouth was and putting it into practice that was a huge step for me. Being in the public eye and putting myself out there was a challenge. I have suffered from anxiety all my life and going to the markets with such big crowds was challenging, but I knew it had to be done and I was going to do whatever it took to grow my business. 

Also, doing it all on my own was hard. Not really having any guidance or business background made it a little frustrating. And I am still learning as I go! 

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

Where do I start? Lol… 

The pros include overcoming personal barriers, as growing and learning is something that drives me. Also, having a passion that I can turn into a profit is always good too. Having that time and freedom is something that I stive for too. I still work part time but am building my business as I go. 

In terms of cons, it costs a lot in the beginning so producing the finances to start was hard. Doing all aspects of the business, even the ones you do not like, can be difficult too. You have to learn everything yourself so it can get overwhelming. Knowing when to take the time out for yourself and just be present is important. It’s all about the journey. You have to enjoy the journey or what’s the point? 

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

I have big dreams and big ideas. I’m an ideas person and love to watch them unfold. Incorporating both my business, life coaching and candles together is my goal. I also have a goal to achieve multiple streams of income while living my best life. 

I want to hold empowerment events with a collaboration of beautiful NZ products from a variety of businesses, while offering life-changing strategies to help other mum business owners break through their fears and really step out of their comfort zone. 

I also want a little boutique haven where I can show off my candles and other products that I have in the making, but also create a fun, safe place where women can come and work on their own businesses, brainstorm ideas and strategise. This would have been ideal for me, so I would love to create a space for others.  

To find out move, head to the Enlighten Me Candles website. You can also join Penelope’s communities on Facebook and Instagram. 

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