The Heat Is On: Essential Items To Get You Through

Sun, Sun, Sun! You Know What To Do…

You know the drill – it’s all about protecting our very special skin. Gone are the days of slathering chemical-rich creams into our oh-so-absorbent skin – it’s all about the natural sunscreens these days, and Soléo Organics is the one to choose. Soléo Organics is an Australian-made, all natural, organic sunscreen ideal for all ages and all skin types. Soléo Organics has 3 hour water resistance SPF 30 + broad spectrum protection and is free from synthetic preservatives, chemical UV absorbers, nano particles, titanium dioxide, SLS and petroleum by-products. Soléo Organics has a Naturopathically formulated lotion which is packed with botanical extracts, natural moisturisers, antioxidants and vitamins. So you can feel absolutely safe about using this on your own and your children’s skin, and get out there into nature to have fun.


After-Sun Relief For The Sensitive Ones

Despite our best efforts, sometimes the sun gets the better of us or catches us out. Others are just extremely sensitive to the effects of the summer sun and heat and their skin could use a little extra care. That’s where the Hope’s Relief range comes in. Especially formulated for skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis and sensitive skin types, it is a great all round premium natural skincare range perfect for all the family from newborns to the elderly. Great for the relief of sunburn, skin rashes, wounds, flaking and peeling skin, their products help to relieve the itch and inflammation caused by itchy bites and bee stings too, and supports and aids healing of sun damaged skin. There’s an Itchy Dry Skin Cream, Gel Lotion, Topical Spray, Derma Lotion, Moisturising Lotion and even a Goat’s Milk Body Wash to choose from. To read all about the products and their carefully selected ingredients, visit the link for each item. They are all designed to soothe, nourish and support your skin, locking in moisture and creating a barrier on your skin.

Whatever you get up to this summer, we hope you stay healthy, happy and full of love. Enjoy your children, take care in the sun and make the most of what your beautiful country has to offer.

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