Hobbies Help Kids To Manage Stress

Dancing builds discipline and improves physical health 

Dancing is fun for most children, whether they’re dancing freestyle at home or dancing in group settings, while being guided by teachers. When your child dances at home, they will express emotions and relieve stress via movement. In a group setting, a child will also release emotions and decrease stress, while developing discipline. Dancing requires a lot of practice, so it does help children to stick to routines and achieve goals. Naturally, repeating dance postures and movements also improves physical fitness. A dance class is an ideal place for a child to get to know other kids, so it’s great for socialisation, too.

When children begin to master dance techniques, they tend to gain self-confidence.  

Gardening is soothing and educational 

Adults relax when they are out in nature, and children do too, so why not get your child involved in creating or maintaining a family garden? This type of activity is the perfect parent/child activity, as it’s soothing and educational for all age groups. Most children find the natural world fascinating and enjoy participating in nurturing the natural world, such as by watering seeds until they turn into plants, or picking veggies or berries once they’ve ripened to maturity. Get your child a little watering can, a few other safe gardening tools and some clothes that they can get dirty in. Then get outside and care for the garden together.  

Children need hobbies for so many great reasons, including stress relief.

Kids who do hobbies are also able to find out what they’re passionate about. Sometimes, a childhood hobby turns into a successful and fulfilling career further down the line.   

Kylee Harris is an educator who has taught in elementary schools in Singapore and Hong Kong for 5 years. She lives in Florida and continues to teach life skills to young adults in her community.

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