How To Keep Your Children Healthy This Winter

Reiki for Parents

Winter is upon us in the UK and our children often seem to have never-ending colds that morph from one to the next – the stream of snot only broken by the odd tummy bug or ear infection. It takes a toll on the whole family. Our children feel terrible, they miss days of school and miss their expensive activities. We feel stressed and worried and have to take time off work to look after them. A well-stocked natural medicine cabinet goes a long way in helping us keep our children healthy. Some good items to have on hand over the winter are elderberry syrup, which is high in immune-boosting vitamin C, and colloidal silver, which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. But there’s another tool every parent needs in their arsenal – Reiki.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing modality. It’s well known as a treatment for reducing stress and promoting balance in the body. But it was originally developed as a practice to use every day, at home with your family as well as on yourself. It helps boost the immune system so when you give Reiki to your children, it helps them get ill less often and helps them recover more quickly when they aren’t well.

When Reiki was developed in Japan in the 1920s, one of the main practitioners was a medical doctor. He was interested in understanding how to use Reiki to help people with specific ailments, and discovered correlations between illnesses and energy blockages in different parts of the body in a way that allowed him to create treatment protocols using Reiki. He worked out the most effective ways to use Reiki for a range of ailments, including the things that most commonly affect our children like coughs, fevers, colds, diarrhoea, asthma and eczema, as well as less common childhood ailments like chicken pox and measles.

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