How to Tap into your Authenticity as a Mum

When you are practising tapping into your authenticity, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

Am I doing this for me or to please someone else? 

Is this choice making someone else feel comfortable, but making me feel discomfort, guilt or resentment? 

If I choose to say no or set this boundary, it will probably feel uncomfortable, but if I say yes or don’t set the boundary, what am I sacrificing for my mental health and wellbeing? 

Does this really matter to me? Okay. Now again, does it really, matter to ME? 

This is an ongoing journey and it takes a lot of work, bit-by-bit. It’s not easy, it can be an upheaval, and you don’t have to do it all the time. But when something settles within you and you feel it align with your spirit, it’s like coming home and meeting yourself in a place of calm and contentment. 

Mantras for authentic motherhood: 

I won’t sacrifice my wellbeing for the sake of keeping up appearances or keeping someone else comfortable. 

I’m doing this at my own pace. 

My feelings and experiences are valid. 

I protect my energies. 

I am following my heart, doing what feels right. 

I can choose me. 

You’re doing an amazing job Mama. You are valued. I see you. 

Sarah is a Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist and the founder of Blossom and Snooze, supporting parents of babies and toddlers to get more sleep, holistically and without sleep training. With a focus on attachment and the connection between parent and child, the approach of her work is based on biologically normal infant sleep and provides solutions which are developmentally appropriate and individually tailored to each unique baby and family. Also an advocate for supporting a mother’s matrescence, Sarah is passionate about helping mums understand the social and cultural constructs which impact their journey. Sarah is an Australian mum, providing virtual consults to families worldwide: you can find her on Instagram @blossomandsnooze and you can book 1:1 support or join her monthly membership for mums, Our Motherhood Revolution, on her website

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