Incy Wincy Spooky Spiderwebs!

Photography: The Little Mulberry Project

By The Little Mulberry Project

Halloween can be a little scary for little ones but these incy wincy spiderwebs have just the right mix of cute and spooky!

A great craft for practising those important fine motor skills and also those little (or loud!) singing voices – Incy Wincy Spider & Little Miss Muffet are firm favourites in our home.

Whilst bigger little ones will have fun working the wool / yarn into spiderweb patterns, littler ones can enjoy the wrapping process and will love adding extra spooky decorations like spiders and googly eyes. Miss 3 decided she also wanted a pink spiderweb and added butterflies and glitter (always with the glitter!)!

Happy Halloween!

  • Popsicle craft sticks
  • Paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • White wool/yarn
  • Plastic spiders, bats, worms, and googly eyes, etc.
  1. Paint 3 popsicle sticks (orange and black are perfect for Halloween decorations).
  2. Once paint is dry, use glue gun to glue together sticks at the centre in an asterisk shape.
  3. Tie wool/yarn in a knot around centre of sticks and let little hands wrap the wool/yarn around the sticks in a fun spiderweb pattern.
  4. Once finished, tie off end of wool/yarn and add some extra spooky decorations to the spiderweb – plastic spiders, bats, worms, and googly eyes, etc. with glue gun.
  5. Hang around the house for some cute Halloween cheer!

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