Sew Creative Kids: Why Teach a Child to Sew

By Helen Spencer

They say that a child’s mind is like a sponge, it absorbs everything with ease, from knowledge to behavior, habits to temperament, skills to personalities. Since their minds are like that, why not let them absorb something very useful and interesting, something that will certainly prove itself to be helpful later on in their lives?

One of the best choices for this is without a doubt sewing, due to the fact that it can help children develop some very important characteristics and skills. It might seem like a plain hobby, perhaps even a boring one, one which doesn’t offer a lot of benefits, but that’s not quite right, it’s not true. In reality, sewing is the exact opposite of all those things and is even getting more popular in the last few years.

With that in mind, allow us to show you all of the positive sides of practicing sewing, and why you should teach your child how to do it.

Reason #1: It’s fun

Let’s face it, kids don’t want to do stuff that isn’t fun, and if you force such things on them, you’ll just end up making them hate it even more. Of course, there are some exceptions, some kids enjoy doing algebra at a young age, but we’re talking about the majority of children here.

If you introduce them to sewing as a fun activity, which it honestly is, they’ll most likely look forward to learning it. And when something useful becomes a game, it will never get boring and never stop producing good results.

Reason #2: It will help them develop good character traits

When you dwell into the world of sewing and make it an everyday activity in your life, you’ll gradually start building a couple of useful abilities without even realizing it. These abilities will come in handy in various life situations, which is why they’re pretty important for children since they help them to develop a well balanced type of personality.

We’re talking about patience, perseverance, diligence and proper organization skills. Without these, the entire sewing process would turn into a big mess without heads or tails. So if you notice that your child is lacking in one or more of these areas, make sure to have them try sewing, at least for a while, until you see improvement in their behavior.

Another useful benefit of sewing is the fact that it can subtly teach you how to react in accordingly in some unexpected situations and face your problems instead of running away from them. For example, if your thread gets tangled or your machine starts chewing on the fabric, you could just abandon your project altogether, but the problem won’t go away by itself and will reappear when you start working on something else. However, if you resolve it properly, you’ll be able to proceed with your plans. This lesson is very important for kids, because they usually run away from problems instead of dealing with them.

Reason #3: They will acquire a precious skill for later on in their lives

If you teach your child to sew from a young age, they will most likely become very good at it by the time they get a little older, in their teenage years. Kids have troubles expressing themselves at this age and sewing could help them with that by allowing them to demonstrate their originality and creativity, as well as their attitude.

Later on, when they start living on their own or go to college, sewing could become a great asset and provide them with the means of saving, or even earning money by doing what they enjoy, sewing. Quick research online shows that you can get them a child-friendly sewing machine for under $150, so it is not really a big investment in something that can potentially turn into a little business. In other words, they’ll surely be grateful to you because you taught them how to sew.

These were just a few most important advantages of sewing and the reasons why you should teach your child how to do it. As you can see, it definitely is a great activity for your kid not only but because it offers a lot of benefits to them. The rest is up to you, will you teach your kid how to sew or not.

Helen Spencer likes many things, but she just can’t stand to sit still and do nothing. She loves crafts, drawing, decorating, making beautiful things out of scratch with her own hands and above all – I simply adore sewing! She also loves spending time outdoors, but at the end of the day she ends up drinking tons of black coffee and staying up until the wee hours to work on one of her latest projects. It is during these hours which she has to herself that she feels perfectly complete and focused. She would love to help more people learn the basics of sewing. She started to share her knowledge and the tips which have been helping her continue enjoying sewing for decades which is why she has set up this site.

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