Keeping Your Baby Looking & feeling Good From The Feet Up

My Baby Socks

Heading off in search of a cute baby gift amongst an ocean of children’s goods, it can be tricky to find something that is unique, good quality, beautiful and functional. Stepping out of her comfort zone and her career as a microbiologist, Sharon Burnard set out to create just that. At My Baby Socks they are passionate about providing gorgeous items for babies, from their unique range of non-slip baby socks to handmade gifts and teethers.

A small UK business, they absolutely love providing beautiful things for babies, so if you are looking for something unique and just a little bit different, they have the cutest socks and gifts around. There is something in their collection for that special day and something for the everyday.

Their collection of baby gifts, socks and teethers covers a variety of animals, fruits and cute patterns, and they even have items that play music and rattle, to delight the senses of your little ones. Their socks have non-slip soles and will stay on your baby’s feet all day, and they often receive lovely feedback from mums to say how much better they stay on compared to normal socks. For babies starting to cruise around, they also have socks with amazing anti-slip grips, which gives parents peace of minds for when their babies start walking, especially on slippery surfaces. 

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