Let’s Head Outside! Rural NZ Mum Comes Up with Perfect Product for Kiwi Families

Starting a business with a newborn and toddler in a rural setting:

Looking back, I must have been mad or really deprived from sleep to jump into starting a business. I had no idea what was involved in starting a business, but I was super excited to give it a good go.

At first the odds probably weighed poorly against me. I previously had a degree in paramedicine, but here I was entering a whole new arena. There was a screaming newborn and energetic toddler in the house, and I was also battling post-natal depression, all in our little farmhouse.

But to be honest, starting Fantail’s Nest NZ is what kept me going every day. It was my happy place, somewhere I could tune out from the background noise of the household. As the business grew, my contacts grew and the feeling of isolation on the farm seemed to fade. Determination to create a career that I loved but that also worked with my children was the huge drive. Then, as product was selling and other mums’ reviews were of delight and love for the product, there was no stopping me!

To find out more or to get one for yourself, head to the Fantail’s Nest website, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news and offers.

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