Made By Nature: Pure, Organic Skincare Products

The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

As with all stages of parenting, things change all the time so we have to adapt and evolve to accommodate the next season! I used to travel more for consults and markets to share with as many people as possible face to face. Now my focus has shifted to our online get-together service where hosts invite friends to an online event. I also enjoy providing demo videos and our tailored “Skincare by Design” where I can offer a colour match or personalised consultation from my video questionnaire or over the phone, then send a sample package of goodies for my beloved customers to experience for themselves before committing to the product that is right for them.

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

Juggling family and life admin is always going to be an art, but when I get the chance to provide a natural alternative or organic solution to someone, it is an absolute thrill. I get pretty passionate about all the great things we can be a part of that are good for our planet and people, but it saddens me when people don’t even realise they are using up to 200 chemicals on their body each day or that they don’t know their favourite brands are still testing on animals. They would have no idea what the ingredients are in their daily products, let alone who’s involved in the production of it! I absolutely love that we know who picked the plants that go into our products and all the families that are involved have a pesticide and herbicide free workplace!

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

We are expanding our “TOSC” range into select stores internationally so I am thrilled that we will be sharing such high quality, certified organic make up with the world and planting trees every time someone buys. I’m always excited to meet new people who might be keen to join me in sharing our beautiful products with their friends and family and I am always open to hearing what my gorgeous customers would like to learn about and see demonstrated on my page, so come on over and give me a wave! 

Head to Sofee’s World Organics website to find out more and join her Facebook and Instagram communities. 

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