Mama, this is why you’re beautiful!

Photography: Poppy Peterson Photography

By Lou Marx

You mama, you are a miracle. 

Firm and unstretched skin wrapped around a body that was destined for its most purposeful job yet.

As if breathing and beating and moving and doing was not enough, this body would go on to use its untapped energy to grow life.

Organs were pushed to the side while a womb expanded to allow another beating heart to take centre stage. This growing human would be provided all the nutrients and nourishment it needed to develop and thrive. And while it knew nothing except for its own divine perfection being ushered into existence – its home for 9 months – the weight, the pressure, the energy it takes to carry a life, would leave its mark forever.

Through a long and painful labour orchestrated by Mother Nature, to the surrendering of our most primal calling of birthing a child – this body, like so many others, had the privilege of bringing spiritual energy to physical form through a process that requires everything from us. 

Scary and unknown, yet so strangely familiar to a body which seemed to know exactly what it was meant to do.

And as tired and as drained as this body was, it didn’t stop there. It transformed again. It began to heal and put itself back together all while feeding a little baby through tired and red and achy eyes – this body wouldn’t sleep, eat or even be able to take a shower again the way it used to. The hours turn into days, and days into weeks, and weeks into months. But still it carries on. Changed in every way but better and stronger than ever before.

Mama, hear me when I say, you are truly beautiful. 

And even now, you’re still in a state of miraculous transformation as your body continues to move and grow in new and wonderful ways while nurturing the life it bought into this world. A mind so strong it perseveres through the stormiest of days and nights and eyes that are peeled for every expression in sight.  Ears that prick up at the smallest of sounds and a heart so caring it melts multiple times a day. Arms that spend hours lifting others up and legs that simply just don’t stop. 

You’re a mother. That word in itself radiates beauty. 

So, let the sagging and the stretching and the lines be a reminder of your most powerful and meaningful and beautiful act to date. An act so selfless and brave and monumental that it redefines the essence of who you are on every level.

Because with the shifting of the body comes the shifting of the mind, and the realisation that the stigma and the shame that us women hold towards our bodies cannot exist when we see ourselves for who we really are – creators, life-bearers, love vessels and the connection between the physical and spiritual world. 

We are women. And if that’s not beautiful I don’t know what is.

Originally from Tauranga, New Zealand, Lou Marx has spent the last ten years in the media industry as a journalist, and now resides in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, Divan, and baby daughter, Bodhi, where she works in the digital media and marketing space helping brands communicate their story to the world. Lou describes motherhood as being deeply transformational and shares her experiences to date on social media. She’s also passionate about conscious and connected living, and enjoys writing pieces that awaken and enlighten readers to reflect and go more deeply within.

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