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Knowing only too well the feeling of stress and emotional overload, Sara Isbister had a desire to to help fellow mums leave overwhelm behind and become abundant with energy and positivity. After battling with her own physical and mental health, Sara used her experience and passion for health and fitness to further her education and launch her inspiring business Uplift Health.

The Passion: What Inspired You To Set Up Your Business? 

I have a heart-filled drive to help overwhelmed busy mums get unstuck, crush unhelpful stress and beat fatigue so they can get on, living life with supercharged energy to do the things they love and also have ample energy to invest in their loved ones.  

From an early age, I have had a passion for health and movement. Both my experience and background credentials lend well to my health coaching business. I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Prescription, post graduate degree in Sports Medicine, certified Pilates Studio Therapist, certified Primal Health Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. 

For so long I wanted to feel motivated, have abundant energy, be free from unhelpful stress and anxiety, and be centred and calm for my kids. I wanted to have enough energy and motivation to stick to the healthy habits I knew I needed, and have enough energy to feel sexy for my husband. But having enough energy for me seemed a daily battle! The worse part: I was also a health professional! A health professional with university degrees. Back then I felt I was an imposter. Despite my own best efforts, for years I struggled with my physical and mental health. I know I am not the only one who has had these struggles. 

As I stumbled through the sleep deprived haze of early parenthood and socialised with other mothers, almost every mother I spoke to was overwhelmed, wired by stress, many plagued with anxiety and dead tired pretty much all the time. Not to mention the list of other regular health complaints that also presented either as causative or side effects of the poor sleep, fatigue, stress and anxiety! Some might say that this simply is the definition of early parenthood, but the reality is a lot of these parents struggle with unhelpful stress, anxiety and fatigue well after their kids reach school age. This isn’t the way I believe life was intended to be experienced. What’s the point of living without the enjoyment? We all deserve to live a joy filled life.  

My soul was yearning for something better, to be the best version of myself for the ones I loved and to contribute greater value to my clients. My own journey toward “something better” led me deep down the rabbit hole of much research, personal experimentation and investment to add qualifications as a Primal Health Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (aka Mind Mastery) to my tool belt. These have filled in the key pieces I was searching for to transform my health and many others for the better. The tremendous empathy and compassion I have for all the suffering, pain and heartache that goes with unhelpful stress, anxiety and relentless fatigue has birthed a deep calling, to help others with this too. Creating a coaching business became a natural progression. What I know now is just too good not to share. Experiencing and seeing the results of this work is akin to turning on a light switch. I feel so incredibly honoured to bring value to others’ lives as part of the work I do.

Helping busy, overwhelmed mums create more energy for themselves and overcoming unhelpful stress, has just such a profound knock-on effect. Mothers are the ultimate role models and changing their behaviour literally changes the world in multiples. When Mum is healthy and happy, the kids are also happy and healthy too.  

Uplift Health was born to help busy mums to leave the overwhelm behind and have abundant energy to build the life they want. To find out more book a free coaching call or check out for more info on my coaching packages  

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning? 

The launch of the business has been incremental over the past 5 years. Initially it was the business name I used solely as a Pilates Therapist and over the last couple of years have expanded to offer health coaching and now neuro linguistic programming (mind mastery). Identifying a need, knowing what you what to offer and then finding ways to let people know what you can do for them, is a good place to start. 

As a Pilates therapist, I saw a need for a more holistic approach in the client treatment model. Mindset, diet and lifestyle all play a massive part in healing and there is often a disconnect to how these might affect health and recovery, especially when it comes to chronic injury and pain.

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