Mattress protection for children

By Hannah Schenker

If your child is at potty training age, you are going nappy-free, or you have a bed-wetter, your day-times are probably pretty sorted with tuning in with your child and cleaning up messes as you go. Night-time accidents are another story and can involve lots of laundry changes, middle of the night stress and damage to your valuable mattress and pillows. It may be time to think about mattress protection.

It is natural for our children to wet the bed as they learn to manage their bladders, and for some it becomes an ongoing issue, but for us adults it can cause more stress than it’s worth and possibly incite our less tolerant sides, especially at 3am in the morning. Our mattresses, often expensive items in our homes, actually take a lot more in terms of bodily fluids and skin shedding than we realise, causing them to yellow over time and increasing the likelihood of dust mites, moulds and bacteria. This is where good mattress protection comes in, which will also help with any other spills and stains that inevitably result from spending a third of our lives in our beds.

However, when you think of mattress protectors, you probably think of a thick, noisy, sweaty plastic sheet that rustles all night and leaves your child in a puddle by morning. And you – if you share the bed! Thankfully this is no longer the case, and there are fantastic options out there.

Today’s mattress protectors have come a long way in terms of usability and comfort. Available in all sizes from bassinet, cot, single and king singles for the kids, to your size bed – it doesn’t matter if your child is sleeping alone or sleeping with you, you’ll be covered. Not only is there protection for your mattress, but now you can protect your quality pillows and covers as well.

Being breathable is a crucial factor that you’ll want to make certain of, for wee infants are not so good at regulating their body temperatures just yet, as well as being useful for any sufferers of sensitivities or allergies. You’ll want the air to be able to move through the protector, keeping you and your baby healthy as you sleep. You may want to consider TENCEL, as this fabric is tried and tested for sensitive skin. TENCEL is a 100% natural hygiene Eucalyptus based fibre, has natural antibacterial and hypo-allergenic properties and does not contain pesticides or agricultural chemicals. Its silky soft surface acts like a second skin due to its thermo regulating properties, ideal for your baby to sleep directly on. TENCEL is also designed for Eczema sufferers: it is the only mattress protection endorsed by the Eczema and Asthma Foundations of Australasia.

A good mattress protector:

  • Will fit onto any size bed, whether you’re looking at a bassinet, cot or a single bed.
  • Be waterproof
  • Have natural surface fibres that are breathable and non-toxic
  • Easily washable and able to be put in a drier
  • Prevents dust mites and bacteria breeding

For a whole range of mattress, pillow and bedding protectors, see the Protect-a-Bed range at Ecosprout, where natural and breathable products for babies are the norm. Ecosprout was born in October 2011 by a small and passionate team with a background in garment/ product design and development, based at Mount Maunganui , Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Hannah Schenker is a freelance writer, editor and regular contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine. She lives with a touch of magic in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 


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