Motherhood is…

Motherhood is triage.

Knowing who to tend to first, which order to address the whinging. It’s knowing when encouragement and support are needed and when you need to jump in and help out.

Motherhood is a balancing act.

It’s remembering to be present in the moment with our kids and knowing which are times you can snatch to achieve a critical task. It’s trying to grab seconds of self and still attempting to be selfless in our intentions. It’s balancing trying to achieve things and being interrupted continuously to the point where it is impossible to finish anything.

Motherhood is a head fuck.

When you feel like you have no more to spare, you still have to. When you feel so touched out and like you actually might scream if someone doesn’t get off your boob immediately, but you still do it. When you don’t know if you’re doing anything at all right but the fact you are actually questioning that, in and of itself actually means you’re a good mum, even if you don’t believe it.

Motherhood is appreciating the small things.

The fact you managed to survive another day. You dealt with a million tantrums or a kid questioning that keeps pushing every boundary. You managed to keep a fearless toddler alive despite their best efforts otherwise (stop fucking jumping off the bookcase kid! :/ ). You handled what seemed insurmountable when you got out of bed, already tired, and did what you needed to get to the next bedtime.

Motherhood is wonderful.

Little feet and hands. Tiny people with a little bit of you in them. Cuddles and kisses. Peacefully sleeping faces. “I love you”s and “Mama you’re the best”s. It’s pride and joy and oh so much love.

What is motherhood for you at the moment? 

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Jess Williamson has helped hundreds of families to find sling and carrier solutions which work for them, in-person and online, through her business Babywearing with Jess.

She’s got her own carrying solutions sorted and a library for others to borrow and try from, passionate about supporting parents and caregivers to be empowered to find the best solution for them. But she’s as much in the parenting trenches like the rest of us, being kept busy by her three young sons at their home in north-west Auckland. 

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