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Pure Muse

The birth of a new baby attracts a lot of excitement, with family and friends providing your beautiful new family member with love, attention and gifts. Greba San understands the joy and elation of experiencing childbirth and welcoming your baby into the world, and she decided she wanted to put some more attention onto the amazing mums that go through this unique and incredible experience. She launched her business, Pure Muse, to create beautiful products for new mums and let them know how amazing and appreciated they are. 

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

The birth of my first child inspired me but the birth of my second gave me the strength to realise my dream. When they came into this world, I just understood what unconditional love means. At this moment, I also understood mums when they used to speak about their birth experience: “We can’t explain what we went through, what it feels like, the pain, the no pain, the epidural, what we feel when we are in labour, give birth and how you feel when your baby is finally here on you”. I thought to myself, wow, that is the best moment of my life! A lot of friends and relatives gave birth around the same time so I really wanted to offer them something special, but nothing was good enough to tell them how amazingly they did and how amazing they are after going through this unique experience. I just needed a little something special to cheer them up! So, the idea of creating a gift box for mums came from here 

Don’t get me wrong, having our baby is already the most wonderful gift but really how many of us can say they were spoiled or thought about after birth??  

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?  

I have been working on this project for almost two years now. I was a first-time mum. I didn’t have much time during the day and night but I tried to spend most of my “free” time on my laptop looking for products I could create myself, from home. But still keeping in mind ‘safe and natural, no chemicals and eco-friendly’. Those words were my leitmotif. Because I was so careful (and still am) about what I use for myself and my babies’ skin, I thought, well, why not create them myself? I can be transparent and create a relationship of trust with other mums around the world! My second baby came along very quickly and I still didn’t lose hope about creating my very own brand and cosmetics products for mums and new mums. 

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?  

I think the biggest breakthrough came from realising that I had created a very unique and special gift and that I was able to create boxes that you can’t find on the market. I think my brand Pure Muse found its niche in a group of people (mummies) that are often, if not always, forgotten once baby arrives into our world. I won’t say that I have created something new but something definitely different. Also, the fact that the design of the boxes and the items included in it are ‘luxurious’, ‘glamorous’ and just fit any women that are, in my view, contemporary goddesses!  

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