Preventing Baby Bald Spots: The Benefits of Silk

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Giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful gift we could ask for, and right from the start, we want to take the very best care of this precious treasure we have been entrusted with.

In their first year on earth, babies spend 12-17 hours a day sleeping, so it’s important to make their sleeping environment as comfortable and safe as possible. Silk is the ideal fabric for baby bedding, as it helps to protect and nourish their delicate skin and hair, whilst providing comfort and safety.

Hair Loss in Babies

Right after birth, a newborn baby’s hormone levels drop, which can cause them to lose some or all of the hair they were born with. Newborn hair loss (called telogen effluvium) is perfectly normal, and most babies lose at least some hair during the first few months of life. 

Some babies also develop bald patches. A common cause of this is the amount of time they spend lying on their backs. The friction created by them moving their heads from side to side pulls at the delicate fine hair at the back of their little heads and can create a bald patch. You may notice the hair that has fallen out on their cot mattress.

There may be other medical reasons that can cause babies to lose their hair, so if you are concerned at all, we recommend seeking medical advice.

Can I do anything about bald spots?

There are several things you can try to help prevent bald spots from forming, including:

  • adjusting your baby’s head position slightly whilst sleeping
  • encouraging regular, supervised tummy time
  • utilising your carrier/front pack
  • avoiding the use of hair accessories
  • using silk bedding for them to sleep on

The Benefits of Silk Bedding for Babies

Helps Reduce Hair Loss, Knots & Bald Spots

The smooth finish of silk provides a soft, frictionless surface that your baby’s head will glide across, reducing pulling at the hair and leading to less hair loss, fewer knots and less chance of bald spots occurring. In addition to this, silk bedding also helps to repair bald spots by not tugging at any new hair growth. Hair growth rates will, of course, vary between different babies.

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