Protecting Your Family From The Sun, Naturally

A chemical world

Our biggest challenge is educating a world skincare marketplace that has long been bombarded with clever advertising campaigns, that we have proven, all-natural alternatives that achieve better results without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Price is always an important consideration when comparing brands and our brands are getting better in terms of value for money as we build our volume. This means the gap is now narrowing between natural and chemical.

We love what we do

The complexity of designing, developing, producing, marketing and selling our own brands and running a public company that has shareholders and statutory requirements is quite daunting. However, because we know we are doing something positive for people’s health and wellbeing and that every day is different and exciting, we love it, simple as that.

What next?

Our world has permanently changed since the advent of Covid-19 coronavirus. We are now all aware of our collective mortality and vulnerability and we as humans need to come to terms with living with the constant threat of infections. Our last 15 years of design and development in natural antimicrobial ingredients has given us a unique understanding of how to produce new products such as disinfectants that kill the germs we face in the world now. Watch this space for exciting news soon about this! For us, this is just another step in our evolution of building natural skincare products that protect people, whether it be from the pathogens, sun or skin conditions. We see our company being a global leader in natural scientifically proven skincare in the years to come.

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