Self-Care Doesn’t Always Mean Time Alone

Photography: Jessica Lea Photography

By Elizabeth Pantley

It’s often said that self-care is vitally important for a busy parent. It’s common for mums and dads to juggle a million tasks every day. They are constantly busy and consequently stressed and often short-tempered. They tend to their children’s needs, their own work and responsibilities, with rarely a moment to themselves.  

Self-care is a vital way to keep the engines going. It can mean taking a jog around the block, meeting a friend for coffee, taking a yoga class, or spending an hour working on the car in the garage with your music blaring. Taking care of yourself is not selfish – it’s the way to fill your own needs so that you can, in turn, take care of everyone else.  

But here’s one point that is often missed when discussing self-care: It doesn’t always mean time alone.  

I’m a work-at-home mum of four, and over the years, my life has been filled to the brim with activities and responsibilities and kids. So many kids. Now that my children are all young adults, I can tell you this: When I think back to the moments of self-care that were most important to me, I don’t languish in memories of yoga class or coffee with friends. Sure, those are super nice, and very important to your daily peace. But the times that most filled my cup with peace and joy seem to always have a kid in them.  

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