Sustainable Birthstone Gifts For Your New Baby

By Kylee Harris

In a recent survey done by Southern Cross University, 77% of people said that they wanted to live more sustainably. When you have a new baby, it is a lovely idea to get them a birthstone gift or charm that they can keep with them as they grow up. It is a wonderful sustainable gift that will last a lifetime. Each month of the year has a special birthstone that it is associated with. These are precious stones and minerals that each have different natural properties. The idea of birthstones goes back thousands of years, and has been written about in both The Book of Exodus and the teachings of Hinduism, in which the stones are associated with the major celestial forces in the sky – the sun, the moon and the planets. The right stones are often worn on the body to ward off evil and bring good luck. 

What birthstone for my baby?  

Every month has a different birthstone – January is garnet; February is amethyst; March is aquamarine; April is diamond; May is emerald; June is pearl; July is ruby; August is peridot; September is sapphire; October is opal; November is topaz; and December is turquoise.

If your baby is born in April, make sure that you choose a conflict-free diamond.

These are diamonds that are sourced ethically with no link to the illegal diamond trade. If you have a June baby, you should look for pearls that have been cultivated sustainably. The oysters should also be bred in a cruelty-free environment if they are cultured.  

Personalised gifts 

A special pendant or necklace is a popular choice for a baby, and it is something that they can wear when they are older and treasure forever. You could choose an engraved pendant with their name and special birthstone inlaid into the metal. A larger disc engraved with all of the family names is an excellent idea too. Another popular choice is a gold chain, from which hangs a ring set with your baby’s birthstone. You can add rings with different birthstones to represent your other family members and siblings too. That way, if there are further additions to your family, you can add another ring to the chain in the future, rather than buying a new chain. 

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