Tender Photos Capture Mother’s Last Breastfeed Before Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is a truly challenging thing to experience – your world closes in and perhaps for the first time you have to consider your own mortality. However, when you are a mum like Ashley, especially to a new baby, your focus is not only on yourself, but how that will affect your children. Having to stop breastfeeding is just one thing that cancer robbed Ashley of, so it was truly touching and beautiful that she chose to capture these moments to look back on and remember.

“Ashley’s husband was close by to offer support and play with their 3-year-old daughter who was busily moving around the house in her jammies, unaware of how life-changing the coming days were,” says Jaclyn. “Her innocence was such a blessing that day.”

Ashley rocked her baby in a chair, quietly savouring those last moments of the breastfeeding connection.

“As he began reaching for her face and pulling away to smile at her, the tears started to roll,” Jaclyn says. “As mothers, these are the moments we live for. These were the moments she was having to say goodbye to.”