The Confusing World of Food: Which is the Better Path?

I’ve been doing my own research and it appears that there is a lot of murky water surrounding what we consider to be healthy eating.

I tried to find a piece of research that was 100% bias-free… impossible! Everything about food appears to come from a particular perspective, or is funded by a particular purse. Now, obviously, I’m at the beginning of this journey so I shall continue my hunt for a purely scientific, long term study into the “right” diet, but is such a thing possible? With so many variables in each of our lives, can there be a definitive answer to the question, “What is a healthy diet?”

It made sense to me that a little bit of everything, in moderation, was the right way forward for my family. The body needs certain things to survive, and more of other things to thrive. But, does that change over time? Is what I fuel my son with in his early years, shaping what he will need to eat for the rest of his life? If I make a misstep do I screw up his system for good?

If I believe one group, carbs are the devil. If I listen to another, so is fruit. So many questions about a vital part of our lives that still remain unanswered.  Corporations and governments endorsing and privately funding studies. The mainstream so loud that sometimes others are dismissed or ridiculed, leaving stranded those for whom a healthy diet actually provides a negative result.

So far, my husband is actually doing really well with his “only with a face” lifestyle. Yes, it’s costing a lot more and it’s a bit boring (there’s only so many ways to cook a steak)! But he is more alert, his skin is brighter and more importantly, the motivations behind his diet are being addressed. I’m not saying that I agree with him. I’m not going to be giving up my veggies, fruit, and chocolate, nor am I going to be changing what I give my son. It has given me food for thought though (pun fully intended-#sorrynotsorry).

What I am saying is that maybe we shouldn’t follow so blindly what we are told is the “right” diet. Don’t just blindly take the path we are told to follow. I may be preaching to the choir right now, but listen to your body. Seriously consider the effect your food is having, not just on your body but your mental and emotional health too. Do your best to look beyond the propaganda from all camps.

Perhaps it’s time to accept that there isn’t a better path for us all to walk along together.

Perhaps the better path is the one we choose for just for ourselves?

Abi is a freelance writer, teacher, and mum to a cheeky two-year-old. In the words of the immortal Audrey Hepburn, she likes ‘books, tea and sitting on the floor’. Find her on FacebookInstagram or click here for her website. 

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