Three Things To Keep In Mind When Tandem Feeding

  1. Maintain boundaries

I sort of assume that people who are great at setting boundaries probably succeed at weaning when they choose to do so. Or maybe they just don’t get pregnant that soon after having the first baby. At any rate, it’s certainly a struggle for me but I’m starting to recognise my tipping points a little better.

If I haven’t eaten, it’s not on. Every morning I *try* to make my two year-old wait until after I’ve had a decent breakfast before he gets milkies. Later in the day, I grab snacks and a drink before snuggling down on the couch with one or two kids (sometimes the snacks distract them entirely!), and at dinnertime I MUST EAT REAL FOOD WITHOUT PEOPLE ON MY LAP. That reminds me of the other thing that really gets me…

Overtouch. By about 4:30pm I reach the Overtouch Zone. Please don’t sit on me. Please don’t stand on my feet while you check what’s for dinner. Please don’t grab my milkies out from my shirt. And whatever you do, PLEASE DON’T climb on my knee when I’m squatting! (That drives me so crazy!)

If the Overtouch Zone turns into the Alarm Zone and warning sirens start going of in my head, I know it’s time to strap everyone into a pram or a car, or turn on TV and power down the little pandas.

Finally, out of the house we need different boundaries than at home. I no longer feed two at once out and about, just because it’s so awkward to position and exposing of my body. It would be fun to get hilarious reactions from the public, but actually people tend to be just so darn polite there’s no point bothering.

Anna Stoyanoff is the grateful mum of Ethan, Josiah and baby Adelaide. Parenting is her chosen occupation, with four years of non-stop pregnancy and breastfeeding so far. You can find more from Anna on her website My Chosen Occupation

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