Time to Hop in the Bath: Salts With a Difference

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

  • Using our products! Not just for relaxing, detox baths; I enjoy experimenting with them too – Epsom salt and sodium bicarb in bath bombs; MSM in a cream for the boys to use after swimming; my favourite so far is the bentonite clay as a face mask.
  • Customer feedback about how the products have helped them and their families, and how they appreciate the affordable prices. Be it for gut health, muscle relief or skin issues, some people need to use these products regularly, and it’s great to be able to help them.
  • Working from home: I can take time off to help with school activities, and still work if a child is home sick. It can get lonely, but that has made me get out of my comfort zone, and join networking and support groups, be they online or ‘in the flesh’ which has really opened my eyes to how many other small, family-run businesses are in New Zealand, and how lovely it is to support them.
  • We can support local charities and fundraisers. We donate float vouchers and BLANTs products as prizes or giveaways, and choose a charity each year to receive 10% of our December sales. Last year we chose the Salvation Army in memory of my Dad. We are a sponsor of the Sport Northland Run/Walk series which are fun, family-friendly events that encourage activity at all levels.


  • There aren’t enough hours in the day!
  • It’s difficult to switch off. I’ve taken to reading books (novels, not business!) in the bath to get me out of work mode. I’ve managed to keep them all dry so far at least …
  • Working at the weekend. I do try to carve out more time to spend with the boys, but when the financial responsibilities and customer service rest on you, it’s tricky!
  • The housework and gardening rarely get a look in. My weeds are growing magnificently.

Hopes and dreams: What next?
We’d love all New Zealanders to know they can access quality, natural well-being products without the eye-watering price tags, from www.blants.co.nz.

We’d love more gyms, physios and yoga studios etc across the country to stock our products.

We’d love to offer more co-ops access to our bulk buy deals.

Amongst all this, I dream of having time to take some fun family getaways, making memories with the kids before they get too old to want to be seen with Mum and Dad!

We have a discount code for Natural Parent readers: enter TNP0617 into your shopping cart at www.blants.co.nz to receive 10% off your whole order. Valid until 31 December 2017.

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