Why Choosing Natural Fibre Clothing is Better for the Future of the Planet

Bamboo is an affordable, super soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, and one of the better options when it comes to eco-friendliness – more sustainable than cotton. It grows super fast and is naturally regenerating, needs very little water, fertilizer, or pesticides. So make sure you keep an eye out for bamboo fabrics when you are shopping for your children’s clothing.  

One item that is on every parent’s shopping list is underwear. We have found a great little Australian business making comfortable, full coverage underpants for your school-aged girl: sHEROes.

They are made from a sustainable, breathable bamboo fibre, in a BSCI certified factory (for fair treatment of employees and safe working conditions, certified by the Foreign Trade Association), using a closed loop system – which keeps all the chemical residue from our water supply. They feel lovely, breathe well and last for ages.

sHEROes are also introducing a reusable period pant in same styles as their school pant – a really comfortable and easy way of dealing with your period sustainably as you simply rinse, wash and use again. These will also be available in skin colour, high cut for under dancing outfits. Both styles are due out in August, so keep an eye on the website.

Hannah Schenker is a freelance writer, editor and regular contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine. She lives with a touch of magic in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

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