Why You Should Consider Switching to a Natural Deodorant

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As we navigate the realm of parenthood and have the health and care of little humans on our minds, it’s natural to become increasingly conscious about what products we’re using in our homes and on our bodies. Charlotte from Little Giants NZ feels this shouldn’t be overwhelming, but rather an opportunity to gently reassess what you buy, and make gradual substitutes for natural and earth-friendly alternatives that are also better for you and your family.

One area that shouldn’t be overlooked is your bathroom cabinet. While natural lip balms and soaps are relatively easy finds, what about the harder stuff like moisturisers and even deodorants? Since the birth of her baby boy Cooper last June, Charlotte has released her own naturally nourishing range of handmade beauty products that ‘just work’, including natural deodorants for the whole family. Here she shares some of her knowledge gathered over the years about natural deodorants:

“So firstly, natural deodorants will not stop you sweating. This is a good thing! Sweating is a natural process the body undertakes for heat regulation and to eliminate toxins. Antiperspirants work by physically blocking your pores – it can take weeks or months for your body to detox from the ingredients involved (including aluminium, which I know many people can actually develop a sensitivity to, including rashes and reactions). Similarly, big brand deodorants also contain a cocktail of ingredients that aren’t doing your armpits any favours, including alcohol and fragrances.

So sweat is good, but odour? Not so much. We know that even ‘conventional’ perfumes can contain hormone disrupting toxins – whilst we mamas are breastfeeding, snuggling and holding our precious babies, it is highly recommended to avoid these products. So where’s the solution?

A good natural deodorant contains very effective bacteria and odour fighting ingredients without the harsh chemicals. The key ingredients are all about reducing (naturally occurring) bacteria and therefore any odour, and often include things like coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate and essential oils.  

Natural deodorants DO work, sometimes they just take a little time..

Using a natural deodorant (or even no deo) allows your body microbiome and normal bacteria to re-stabilise. What a lot of people don’t realise is that your body goes through a detox phase when you swap out antiperspirant for a natural option. If you’ve tried to go natural before but it ‘didn’t work’, it might simply be that you didn’t give it enough time. The truth is, your natural deodorant isn’t making you smell worse – the bacterial communities under your arms are changing. For some people, it can actually take up to a month for your body to fully detox (don’t panic, for most people it’s less) but I promise it is totally worth it.

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