Capturing the Beauty of Life: Bella Vida Photoraphy

The Drive: What challenges have you overcome?

Everyday as a working mum seems like a challenge. Currently living in a new foreign country is quite a challenge that I am busy facing, figuring out how to appeal and market to a different culture group than what I’m used to, finding my feet not just professionally but personally as well. As a creative there is always self-doubt in what you produce – will other people like the end result of my hours of labor as much as I do. Learning how to truly just do what you do and accept that yes, not everyone will love your work, and that it’s OK – the ones who do appreciate and love your work are the ones I keep doing it for.

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

The uncertainty is the worst con. I never know too far in advance what the next month might look like in terms of bookings, which makes it difficult to plan ahead at times. In the same breath, having the flexibility to schedule my personal time and family activities ahead of time and build my work schedule around that is a big pro. Teaching my daughters that they can make their own dreams come true with hard work and dedication without having to rely on others is also a huge pro.

Hopes and dreams: What next?

I have set up a studio space which is great for winter sessions. I love my location shoots, but with the unpredictable New Zealand weather it is good to have a space to work from during the wet, cold winter. So refining my studio photography skills and style is a fun new adventure for me.

With every shoot, whether on location or in studio I learn new and exciting things. With the rate of technology expanding and people having access to camera’s 24/7 I’m always aware of the growing rate of photographers out there. There are cellphones out there with better cameras than what my first professional camera was. It’s an interesting challenge to find ways to make your profession still relevant where the appreciation for your craft has diminished to 16-year-olds taking selfies and gaining a following of thousands, if not millions, and calling themselves a “portrait photographer”. I’ve had to adapt to different market trends and popular culture followings, but honestly I just want to be able to continue photographing people.

My first priority will always be my family and as long as I am able to support and be actively present in my children’s lives I am happy to continue learning and playing and take a picture or two, or more…When my children are older I would love to start a photography club for teens, where they can learn the history and art of photography. The magic of capturing moments. The fascination and perspective young children bring to photography is interesting and unique. Helping to keep the art of photography alive in future generations is definitely a big dream of mine.

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