Natural Creators: The Natural Way To Grow A Business

How To Grow A Business Naturally

Since I have been actively teaching and using these natural principles, growing my business becomes easier with time. Here’s what I recommend…

  1. We plan our strategic actions by cycles

It may feel like you’ll never get everything done in your business, and guess what – it’s true! Instead, we prioritize, and aim to handle one project and function at a time, each day, week or month on a repetitive basis, just like the cycle of the moon repeats every 29.5 days. In other words, we’ll be prioritizing the same function (eg. innovation) at this time next year and everything gets covered.

  1. We feed the right nutrients for the stage of growth

When we know what stage of growth our business is at, we can apply growth strategies that are suitable to the size of its customer base, marketing reach and financial resources. Certain strategies only work for a mature business, with the ability to bear abundant fruit, versus a new business, which is still finding its roots.

  1. We allow results to yield in “Earth time”

It’s easy for the ego-mind to expect faster results than what may be realistic, and we can be conscious of this by setting incremental goals that take into account the growth stage of the business. Every goal is achievable and celebrated, no matter how insignificant it may appear from the outside looking in.

  1. We look for signs of stagnation

Being aware of growth cycles attunes us to our businesses on a much deeper level and can alert us to when growth is stagnating and trigger us to take corrective action. Business growth naturally ebbs and flows, and we are responsible for nurturing that growth through our sensitivity to the growth process.

  1. We value dormancy for future growth potential

We are so used to being constantly switched on in our high-tech culture, that we need to consciously allow for times of hibernation and no visible growth. A business, just like a tree, can be built to survive and thrive from these periods of downtime, which rejuvenate the business for future growth.

  1. We operate by our natural creation style

We can have all the know-how in business, but it doesn’t mean it will fit with our personal way of growing a business. Each person has a distinctive style or approach to creating, and it’s important not to try to emulate another person’s way without awareness of what works for you specifically.

When you understand your natural way of creating and you have a balance of flow and structure in your planning, you readily slip into in optimal creation mode; your business is able to thrive because you, as the custodian, are channelling your creative energy directly towards your goal with minimal resistance from within and around youYou become a Natural Creator.

How do YOU create by nature?

As Natural Creators, we become attuned to nature when we learn how to master our primary vehicles, our bodies. The speed, pattern and intensity of energy flow can be consciously directed through our bodies so that we create in the most natural way possible for our body type. You can learn more about the different styles of creation here or learn about planning by the natural cycles in our free Facebook group Business By Nature.

Natalie Kent is a Business Shaman with a passion for bodies, business and nature. Natalie has a rare blend of nature-based wisdom, business skills and laser-like precision when it comes to pinpointing and leveraging people’s unique talents in the form of a business. She is the founder of Sacred Business and creator of the Creator Types, both inspired by her observations of human bodies, growth cycles, ecosystems and forces of nature. For the last 5 years, she has been growing her business as she travels around the natural wonders of Australia and is currently writing her book ‘The 12 Creator Types’. To catch Natalie live online each week, join other sprouting and seasoned business owners in her free Facebook group Business By Nature or subscribe to her channel on YouTube

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