5 Reasons to Buy Eco-Friendly Children’s Clothes & Avoid Fast Fashion

How to Avoid Fast Fashion

We don’t need the latest fashion trend to keep up with society. Marketing techniques make us believe that we need to have this coat or those shoes to stay on top in society and to feel like we are out doing our neighbor. They make us believe we need a closet full of clothes to be stylist.

It’s when we realize that material things aren’t what makes us happy. Being trending doesn’t create a loving, grateful and fun family. We need to shift our focus to what is important rather than focusing on materialist things that only cost us unnecessary money and stress.

When you are starting a family or adding to your already existing family, it’s hard not to go out and buy every adorable baby item you can imagine.

Instead, try to see what is offered to you first. Accept hand-me-downs from friends and family. Most of the time baby clothes and items are in great condition because they are only used for a short time before the babies and children grow out of them.

Even if you get the bulk of the items from friends or family, you can still get special items that you can splurge on.

Give secondhand stores a try! Sometimes they can be a hit or miss. But occasionally you can find unique pieces that other kids won’t have. To add to this, secondhand shops are usually cheaper, saving you some money as well! Win-win!

Make sure to research the companies you buy from. Look into where they make their clothes, the materials they use and their worker’s conditions. If any of these factors are a cause of concern, avoid it! There are plenty of other amazing companies to choose from.

What Kind of Companies Should I Support?

Not only should we avoid companies who engage in fast fashion, but we should support those companies who are trying to make a difference.

This means we should support eco friendly businesses that offer high quality, long lasting clothes. Ones that use eco friendly materials and dyes and make sure their workers have a reasonable pay with safe working conditions.

Select organic clothing and items to avoid pesticides. You are helping the environment and keeping communities healthy by choosing all-natural materials. C

Next time to fill your cart with a bunch of clothes, take a second to decide if you really need them in the first place. Are you supporting a sustainable practice or are you adding to the problem? Every dollar we spend, we are casting a vote. Vote for a better environment and better world.

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