Hugs for Kids: A World of Wonder for Little People

Hugs For Kids

By Hannah Schenker

Hugs for Kids is your one-stop shop for all things wondrous and wonderful for your little ones. Whether you’re looking for things for them to wear, to play with, to eat with, for baby, for mum, for the room, or just the essentials, you will find it all in their online store. Their goal? To bring the art, wonder and love back into the far-too-commercial world of kids’ products.

Adam and Bek Milikins started out as a couple who had a dream to give their kids the sort of childhood that they remembered. You know, kids being kids: fun, carefree, youthful and full of wonder. Yet they were frustrated at the lack of anywhere local they could find quality children’s products that weren’t just mass-produced commercial stuff. So, as young parents in 2012 with a big dream in hand, they opened their first children’s store, Hugs for Kids, in their Yarra Ranges hometown of Belgrave. 

Part of their vision was to include clothes that were colourful and comfortable but without all the branding, slogans and grown-up styles that are all too prevalent in kids’ fashion today. And while many brands checked some of the boxes, none of them checked them all.

Then one day, the unspoken was finally said out loud: “Bugger it, let’s just make our own.” In that moment an idea became a reality and a new exciting path was laid out before them. roastedfox was born in their living room!

“Adulthood is encroaching on our littles earlier and earlier and that’s not what any parent wants. Kids’ clothing styles are becoming more adult every day. Fashion trends are being thrust upon them wherever they turn. And clothes are either too cheap to take a beating or too expensive to take a beating. And so, at roastedfox we want to do everything we can to let our kids be kids for as long as they need.”

They make clothes that are beautiful, engaging, personal and durable (they road-test them on their own kids). Clothes that make a statement without saying a word. Super colourful and simple kids tees – short sleeve or long sleeve, children’s leggings with knee patches for extra durability, jumpers with a cute little fox in the pocket. Stunning kids woolen duffel coats lined with cotton jersey – just divine! Brand new sweater cardigans in bold solid colours, super pretty skirts that are long enough to cover girls knees, corduroy and cotton shorts with contrasting panels to be interesting, and the most twirly whirly dresses you can find with a beautiful babydoll style body.

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