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For the past 20 years, Nature’s Sway has been part of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign and for 25 years the products have been lovingly hand-made in New Zealand from the highest quality materials. Whether it be a baby hammock, toddler pillow or a cotton swaddle for a newborn, Nature’s Sway have certified organic products.

A safe space for your baby to sleep is paramount. Knowing that they are secure and comfortable while asleep is reassuring for any parent. Often babies enjoy the reassurance of swaddling or the gentle swaying of a hammock, reducing babies waking due to the startle reflex, and ensuring a peaceful sleep. A New Zealand made hammock that is constructed from a certified organic fabric adds to the reassurance that your most precious bundle is safe and secure. The mattress is filled with New Zealand wool, means baby’s temperature is naturally regulated. Adding a 100% organic cotton sheet ensures your baby has the ideal sleep-inducing environment. 

Toddlers like being just like mum and dad. They are true little mimics. They will probably ask for their very own pillow as they move into their own big beds. Between the ages of 1-5 years old, they require a lower profile pillow to support healthy head positions and remove the safety risks of adult-sized pillows. Having a natural fibre pillow is important for breathability and temperature regulation. It is comforting knowing that they are sleeping on New Zealand made Nature’s Sway organic blend toddler pillows, made in just the right size for them.

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