Aromatherapy for Mood, Memories and Emotions

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It is well known that essential oils can be used for many physical ailments but perhaps the most popular way of using them is to support our mood and emotions. 

Aroma, memory and emotion are very much connected. Aromas have a magical way of triggering memories and making us feel either happy or sad.  

Emotions that are evoked by aroma have a very personal effect. You may have childhood memories of your mother smelling of rose perfume so whenever you smell roses you feel calm and secure (provided you had a good relationship). For someone else, roses may have been abundant at the funeral of a loved one so the smell of rose makes the person feel sad. Generally, the more we like a smell, the better the effect. 

Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived

Helen Keller

Children respond well to aromatherapy. Just like us, the sweet uplifting smell of citrus can put a smile on their faces, while the calming sedating effect of lavender or cedarwood can induce a sense of relaxation and peace. 

There are a few different ways aromatherapy can be incorporated into our children’s lives to support their mood and emotions and inhalation is considered a safe and effective way.  

Inhalation of essential oils has the fastest and most direct access to our brain. When we inhale an aroma, the effect is immediate. The scent has been registered in our brain before we even recognise it. Aromatherapy stimulates pleasure centres in our brain and has a direct effect on hormones and enzymes in our bodies. 

Diffusing is the most common way of using essential oils. You can add some uplifting oils to the diffuser in the morning to put everyone in a good mood and ready to start their day.  

Marvelous morning diffuser blend 

3 drops wild orange 
2 drops lime 
1 drop spearmint 

At the end of a long day when you want everyone to relax and unwind, oils like lavender, bergamot and sweet marjoram or geranium are a great choice.   

Afternoon peace diffuser blend 

3 drops bergamot 
2 drops lavender 
1 drop geranium 

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