Building Safe Sleeping Spaces for Parents & Babies

New Zealand brand Ecosprout has a gorgeous range of African Moses baskets and stands that can be used up until baby can start to pull themselves up or roll over – usually some time after 4-6 months. They are lightweight and ideal for the first months with a newborn. Handmade in Bolga, Ghana, they make the perfect detail in a stylish natural nursery. They can be used for both day/night-time sleeps, can easily be moved around the house, and can be used for mini breaks away. They are also discreet and don’t take up much space in your bedroom.

It’s important to get your baby’s bedding just right too, and Ecosprout‘s natural bedding includes organic sheeting and blankets, which are safe, warm, and breathable.

As a business, Ecosprout is very involved with the lives of their gorgeous Bolga families who create their Moses baskets. They are involved with The Adinkra Project, helping to build Education Centres for the families and building compostable toilets. It’s hugely rewarding for the Ecosprout team to see the results and know they are doing the right thing by helping these special communities who make their baskets. They donate $10 for every basket they sell.

At Ecosprout, they are committed to supporting families to create natural, safe sleeping spaces for their babies.

Visit the Ecosprout website to browse their beautiful nursery range. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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