Handmade Accessories for Little Hands & Growing Minds

Yin and Yang: How do you balance work and family? 

I think I’m learning that on a day-to-day basis. I grow and place more emphasis on looking after the balance better all the time. My daughter Poppie is at Montessori from 9-2:15pm and then it’s time with her from then.

The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

Being a ‘one man band’ will always pose its challenges, but passion and authenticity always win. Being New Zealand made means you can offer the most cost effective prices and you can also offer the best products. Costs are high when your business is new as you upscale. Being unknown is scary, but you have little to no marketing budget. You just have to take each day as it comes and trust your gut.  

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

I can be there for my daughter’s field trips as parent help, and I’ve been able to work better hours to be home with my family more and support friends. I also love connecting with other NZ mums and businesswomen. 

As a business owner you never switch off though. There is always accounting, ordering, designing, etc to do. It’s not overnight success; its hard-earned success, but it’s rewarding. 

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

I would love to see Funny Bunny Kids up there as one of New Zealand’s trusted baby and children’s brands that people love for authentic, functional and beautiful pieces they can keep and gift.  

Visit the Funny Bunny Kids website to view their range of products. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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