How can you encourage your family to go greener?

By Kylee Harris

If you are as worried about climate change as millions of people are across the globe, the good news is that the U.S. is ‘greener’ than it has ever been. The recent 2019 Retail and Sustainability Survey has shown that two-thirds of people have made sustainability a top priority for their purchasing decisions. The growing interest in reducing one’s carbon footprint is also having a big effect in homes, with families finding a plethora of ways – both small and large – to make a difference. If you are keen on going green in 2020, these tips may help you get the whole family as inspired and excited about it as you are. 

Approaching Eco-Friendliness as a Family 

In order to make eco-friendliness more than just about using specific bins for recycling, everyone should feel like they have an important role to play. At your next family meeting or meal, why not brainstorm and find ways that you can all do your share?

Even little children can have amazing ideas. Start out by sharing a few key concepts – including recycling and upcycling. 

Children can then choose their own upcycled artwork or fashion item to create (which is fun for a one-off project) but each family member should ideally commit to daily tasks as well. These can include using both sides of paper when printing out information for school, switching to glass instead of plastic bottles, and exchanging toys with friends instead of buying new ones. 

Extending Eco-Friendliness to Personal Care 

From the time your children are talking, it’s a good time to let them know how their personal care choices can have a big impact on the environment. You can adopt green practices in daily dental care, baths, hair care, and skincare. When it comes to dental hygiene, for instance, they can be taught to close the tap while brushing (33 percent of adults fail to do so, and the result is the consumption of around 24 liters per day, per person who keeps the tap running). 

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